To prosper and to speed up the cycle of development in order to eliminate poverty, the most useful and advanced technological branch today is Mechatronics Engineering (MTE). With this perspective, World University of Bangladesh has been running B.Sc. in Mechatronics Engineering (MTE) since 2006. This course is designed and maintained with assistance of various famous educational institutes of Germany, Thailand, Japan, North America and BUET of Bangladesh.

World University of Bangladesh is the first University that offers B.Sc. in Mechatronics Engineering program in this part of the world. This program also known as ElectraMechanical Engineering, is a synergistic combination of mechanical, manufacturing, electrical & electronics engineering, computer technology, system control, robotics, automation, industrial management etc. and as h is much wider than Electro-Mechanical Engineering.

A graduate in MTE can easily adapt to different branches of engineering as this course amalgamates all the essential branches of engineering, A graduate in MTE can work in educational institutes, pharmaceuticals industries, textile sector, chemical, manufacturing industries, power, oil, gas, mineral industries, SMEs, refrigeration & air-conditioning, automobile, R&D, aeronautical engineering, communication sector, microcontroller and PLC based system design, software engineering, robotics and industrial robot design etc.

Due to its expansion in recent years, this discipline has evolved into various other disciplines surpassing the demand for any other engineers around the globe. Hence, it is emerging over all branches of engineering rapidly, Demand for Mechatronics engineers will always persist under all circumstances. Thus employment opportunities in this field will be always high and demanding.

Message from Vice Chancellor

Prof. Dr. Abdul Mannan Choudhury

The dramatic decline in science studies has been regularly featured in the media of late. It is observed that enrolment in secondary and undergraduate science studies has decreased by approximately 30% and 45% respectively in the last eight years. One may claim that it is a global phenomenon. However, it is particularly acute case in Bangladesh. If this trend continues, there may be serious consequences which could result in the country's inclination to trade in technology rather than manufacture its own. It is recognized that everything evolves through the use of scientific knowledge. As such, it is impossible to reduce poverty and achieve the goals of the millennium development without the appreciation and experience in science and technology. The challenges associated with crisis such as food, energy and climate change can be dealt with through the use of scientific methods and techniques. Hence, it is appreciated that fruitful science and technical education plays a key role for sustainable development of the country. Students need to be sought for the studies of new and demanding subject areas which are industry need-based.

To attract and retain top students in these areas of studies, consideration should be given to factors such as attractive pay package and good job prospects. The course curricula should address the answer to the natural quests of a child as well as emerging issues relating to educational development of future generation and needs of industries. In this context, World University of Bangladesh has been running the B.Sc in Mechatronics Engineering Course from 2006 for the first of its kind in Bangladesh to attract and retain top students of science studies. The reason for the introduction of this potentially new program at the tertiary level is to teach appropriate technology and skills that are highly needed in industries. This initiative will be enhanced rather to develop human resources with multi-skills in the grass-root level of the engineering hub.

I wish a successful and exciting career development for the Mechatronics graduates.

Faculty Members

We Offer

  • Remedial English Course
  • Free Remedial courses for Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Students-friendly free payment system
  • Different performance based scholarship and stipend
  • 6% students are offered free education who are sons and daughters of the freedom fighters and who are financially very weak.

Why We Are Better

To play an important in the present modern technological world Mecatronics Engineering is playing a vital role. In South Asia World University of Bangladesh is playing a significant role by introducing Mecatronics Engineering for a decade and at present 300 students are studying this subject. Around 700 students have already passed from this department and are now working at home and abroad with attractive and handsome salary. In some countries, like Sengen of Germany, Esompasan of Thailand, AIT, Japan, and North America . In different places this course is introduced and conducted by the name Electro-Mechanical Engineering. But according to experts, Mechatronics Engineering is the absolute name because this is in combination of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Computer Science & Engineering.

A Mechatronics engineer have working opportunity in government & private university, polytechnic institute, pharmaceuticals, Textile, mineral resources, refrigeration and air-conditioning, IT, sector, micro-controller, industrial factories, automobiles, aeronautical engineering & PLC based system design, software engineering, industrial robotics, control & automation, and also have job opportunities. Mechatronics Engineers are getting jobs in abroad with attractive salary. For this reason it is the appropriate choice to study MTE for the students who passed diploma in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics Power, Computer Engineering, Refrigeration & Air-conditioning, Auto-mobile Engineering, Glass & Ceramics, Electro-medical technology, Chemical, etc. Students can also admit themselves in the evening shift with waiver in course fees. This course has 161 credit hours for 4 years but the diploma engineers can complete it in less than 4 years.

Our Teachers

Prof. Dr. M. Shafiqul Islam

Department of Mechatronics Engineering

A K M Zainul Abedin

Sr. Associate Professor
Department of Mechatronics Engineering

Farhan Mahbub

Assistant Professor & Head
Department of Mechatronics Engineering

Golam Rabbani

Sr. Lecturer
Department of Mechatronics Engineering
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