MTE :: 2+2 Double Degree Programs 

What does a Mechatronics Engineer do?

Some tasks Mechatronics engineers undertake:

  • Develop solutions to industrial problems by using mechanical/ electronic/computer technology.
  • Design and build new products – for example, developing robotic vehicles for under-water exploration.
  • Introduce automation to factory production lines to improve existing processes.
  • Improve previous industrial/manufacturing process – for example, robotic floor cleaners.
  • Design and develop engineering systems for the automation of industrial tasks.
  • Apply complex engineering problem solutions to the transfer of material, components or finished goods
    • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
    • Thermo fluid Engineering
    • Automobile Engineering
    • Electrical Circuit
    • Power electronics
    • Digital Signal Processing
    • Digital Logic Circuit and Microprocessor
    • Measurement & Instrumentation
    • CNC programming
    • Electronics
    • Computer
    • Robotics
    • Educational institutes
    • Pharmaceuticals industries
    • Textile sector
    • Chemical
    • Manufacturing industries
    • Software engineering
    • Aerospace Technology
    • Biomedical
    • Automotive Systems
    • Motion Control Technology
    • Power oil, gas, mineral industries, SMEs
    • Refrigeration & air-conditioning
    • Automobile, R&D
    • Communication sector
    • Microcontroller
    • PLC based system design
    • Intelligent Control
    • Actuators and Sensors
    • Modeling and Design
    • System Integration
    • Vibrations and Noise Control
    • Micro Devices and Optoelectronics
  • Double Degree Programs

    World University of Bangladesh has entered into a new era of international exchange in the field of education through signing a MoU with China Jiliang University (CJLU). According to the Articulation Agreement between the two universities, students of the Mechatronics department of World University of Bangladesh will have the opportunity of joining a Double Degree programme. Students, opting to study B.Sc in Mechotronics Engineering, will study-

    • Two years of study undertaking the Bachelor of Engineering in the general area of Mechatronics Engineering at WUB; followed by,
    • Two years of study undertaking the Bachelor of Engineering in the major of Mechatronics Engineering at CJLU in Hangzhou, China.

    NB: Students must achieve CGPA 3.00 out of CGPA 4.00 grade scale to study successive 2 years in China. However, the students who will not go to China will complete the remaining 161 credits at the World University of Bangladesh and obtain certificate of graduation.

  • About China Jiliang University (CJLU)

    China Jiliang University (CJLU) is the only university in the world dedicated to metrology, standardization, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine. It was upgraded as China Institute of Metrology with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China in 1985. It was renamed as China Jiliang University in 2016. The People’s Government of Zhejiang Province and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China signed an agreement on joint construction on China Jiliang University in 2017. Prof. Song Mingshun is the President of the University.

    Address: No. 258, Xueyuan Street, Xiasha Higher Education Zone, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. International Exchange and Cooperation Office, China Jiliang University.

  • Credit hours & duration

    Minimum 143 Credit hours. (Duration 4 years approximately) for regular students.

  • Admission Requirements

    2nd Division or GPA of 2.50 in S.S.0 & H S.0 separately or total GPA of 6.00 with minimum GPA of 2.00 either in S.S.C or in H.S.0 or total GPA of 5.00 in S.S.0 & H.S.0 for wards of the freedom fighters or minimum 5′ 0 Level, 2′ A Level courses or eligible GED holders or Equivalent. Diploma holders are also admitted with waiver of courses.

    Admission Requirements for Diploma Engineers:

    Diploma in Mechanical, Power, Electrical & Electronics Chemical, Computer, Refrigeration & A/C, Automobile, Electro-medical, Marine-diesel artificer and other related fields.

  • How to Apply?

    Apply online or by physical presence; submit all relevant papers and documents; sit for admission test if your total of CGPA in SSC and HSC is below seven; alternatively you have to face viva-voce; obtain a positive instruction and make payments.

  • Cost of Study at WUB:

    The Students who will do 83 credits at WUB in Dhaka will be provided Scholarship According to their SSC and HSC Results. (For details see web site)

    Cost of Study at CJLU:

    Students who get admitted to CJLU shall be responsible for paying the international standard tuition fee as determined by the CJLU authority for international students enrolled in the Bachelor of Engineering programme. Currently, the normal tuition fee for each student is RMB 18,000 Yuan per year with 40% discount on total cost according to the agreement signed. However, it is to be noted that tuition fees are reviewed by CJLU annually based on actual costs, and probably an increase of less than 15% of tuition fee may be added to the existing amount every year.

  • Schedule 1: Course Structure – Bachelor of Engineering

    Mechatronics Engineering(The 1st& 2nd Years, 83 Credit Hours)

    No. Course Code Course Name Course Name (In English) Credit
    (In Chinese) Hours
    1 ENG 101 功能英语 Functional English 3
    2 PHY 103 基础物理学 Physics 3
    3 PHY 104 基础物理学实验 Physics Lab 1
    4 MTE 105 计算机基础 Fundamentals of Computing 3
    5 MTE 106 计算机基础实验 Fundamentals of Computing Lab 1
    6 MTE 107 画法几何与工程制图 Engineering Drawing 3
    7 CHEM 201 化学 Chemistry 3
    8 CHEM 202 化学实验 Chemistry Lab 1
    9 MTE 203 电气与电子基础 Fundamentals of Electrical 3
    & Electronics Engineering
    10 MTE 205 机械工程基础 Fundamentals of 3
    Mechanical Engineering
    11 MATH 207 微积分 Differential and Integral Calculus 3
    12 MATH 301 统计学 Statistics 3
    13 ACC 303 会计学原理 Principles of Accounting 3
    14 MTE 305 流体传热工程 Thermo-fluid Engineering 3
    15 A0802Z12 流体传热工程实验 Functional English 1
    16 A0803ZA8 电路I Functional English 3
    17 A0802Z00 电路 I实验 Thermo-fluid Engineering Lab 1
    18 A0803Z46 专业通讯 Electrical Circuits I 3
    19 A0803Z00 经济学 Electrical Circuits I Lab 3
    20 MTE 403 数字电路和微机原理 Digital Logic Circuits and Microprocessors 3
    21 MTE 404 数字电路与微机实验 Digital Logic Circuits and Microprocessors Lab 1
    22 MATH 405 矩阵与向量分析 Matrices and Vector Analysis 3
    23 MTE 407 编程基础 Introduction to Programming 1
    24 MTE 408 编程基础实验 Introduction to Programming Lab 1
    25 MTE 501 电机学 Electrical Machines 3
    26 MTE 502 电机学实验 Electrical Machines Lab 1
    27 MATH 503 微分、偏微分方程与解析几何 Differential, Partial Differential 3
    Equations and Coordinate
    28 MTE 505 电子学 Electronics 3
    29 MTE 506 电子学实验 Electronics Lab 1
    30 MTE 507 工程材料 Electrical Circuits II Lab 3
    31 MTE 601 电路II Telecommunication Engineering 3
    32 MTE 602 电路II实验 Electrical Circuits II Lab 1
    33 MTE 603 通讯工程 Telecommunication Engineering 3
    34 MTE 605 机电一体化基础 Fundamentals of Mechatronics Engineering 3
    35 MTE 607 工程力学与固体力学 Engineering Mechanics and Mechanics of Solids 3

    Schedule 2: Course Structure – Bachelor of Engineering

    Mechatronics Engineering (The 3rd & 4th Years, 60 Credit Hours)

  • Accreditation & Affiliation

    The University is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), London, Association of Non-Government Universities in Bangladesh and Quality Assurance & Improvement Council and appears in the worldwide listing of universities by the UNESCO. Moreover, we have a number of agreements with renowned universities for exchange programs. The students thus, have wider scope of credit transfers and higher education abroad.


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