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About Mechatronics Engineering

To prosper and to speed up the cycle of development in order to eliminate poverty, the most useful and advanced technological branch today is Mechatronics Engineering (MTE). With this perspective, World University of Bangladesh has been running B.Sc. in Mechatronics Engineering (MTE) since 2006. This course is designed and maintained with assistance of various famous educational institutes of Germany, Thailand, Japan, North America and BUET of Bangladesh.

World University of Bangladesh is the first University that offers B.Sc. in Mechatronics Engineering program in this part of the world. This program also known as Electromechanical Engineering, is a synergistic combination of mechanical, manufacturing, electrical & electronics engineering, computer technology, system control, robotics, automation, industrial management etc. is much wider than Electro-Mechanical Engineering.

A graduate in MTE can easily adapt to different branches of engineering as this course amalgamates all the essential branches of engineering, A graduate in MTE can work in educational institutes, pharmaceuticals industries, textile sector, chemical, manufacturing industries, power, oil, gas, mineral industries, SMEs, refrigeration & air-conditioning, automobile, R&D, aeronautical engineering, communication sector, microcontroller and PLC based system design, software engineering, robotics and industrial robot design etc.

Due to its expansion in recent years, this discipline has evolved into various other disciplines surpassing the demand for any other engineers around the globe. Hence, it is emerging over all branches of engineering rapidly, Demand for Mechatronics engineers will always persist under all circumstances. Thus employment opportunities in this field will be always high and demanding.

About World University of Bangladesh

World University of Bangladesh (WUB) established under the private University Act, 1992 (amended in 1998), approved and recognized by the Ministry of Education, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh is a leading university for utilitarian education. The University is governed by a board of trustees constituted as per private universities Act 2010 which is a non-profit making concern. The university is a member of the Association of Private Universities in Bangladesh, Association of Common Wealth Universities and Quality Assurance & Improvement Council and appears in the worldwide listing of universities by the UNESCO.

Although the formal approval to start operation of the World University of Bangladesh was received on February 26, 2003, the ground work for the university began in early part of 2000, Now the university on entering its 10th year of operation has all needed infrastructural facilities and highly qualified teachers in its 3 faculties and 11 departments with 24 programs at day and evening.

World University of Bangladesh is destined to provide utilitarian education for economic emancipation without undermining the national ideals and aspirations and is authorized to offer courses and award degrees, diplomas, certificates on its own. At present it has credit transfer arrangements and academic collaborations with some universities in UK, USA, Australia and the Caribbean.

The university had its first convocation on 28th October 2008, where 782 students received degree from the Hon’ble President of People’s Republic of Bangladesh and Chancellor of World University of Bangladesh. (also see our website: www.wub.edu.bd). As many as 2300 students are now ready for conferment of degrees in the up-coming convocation. None of its degree holders is unemployed implying its emphasis on quality education with utilitarian bent.

This university is the pioneer in introducing degree programs for the Diploma Engineers; B.Sc. in Mechatronics Engineering (MTE) & Master of Business Education (MBE) in this part of the world. The MTE program also known as electro-Mechanical engineering in few western countries is a synergistic combination of a number of basic engineering and administrative courses. As such, it is a highly demanding course at home and abroad. The MBE program is meant for people destined to make career in teaching of business related subjects and for those willing to make a career in practical business world in short span of time. We have few Institutes and various types of collaboration programs. All of our programs are approved by the UGC. We publish some journals which have earned appreciation at home and abroad.


  • To develop competent engineers to meet the growing demand of skilled graduates in the field of electrical, mechanical and automation industry by training its students to have strong theoretical and practical expertise.
  • To develop the next generation of innovative and high-tech leaders, we encourage creativity, integrity, innovation and excellence in our teaching methods with industrial engagements.


Creating technically sound engineers to lead the ever transforming industrial sectors and also become recognized for excellence, innovation and contribution to the society at large.


The Mechatronic Engineering Program’s Educational Objectives are goals for its graduates to achieve a few years after graduation. Mechatronic engineering graduates will:

  • Practice in engineering-related fields chosen from a broad range of industries
  • Recognize the need and have the ability to engage in continuing learning to adapt to evolving professions and to advance professionally
  • Become contributing members of the society with an understanding of the inherent and unavoidable impact of practicing engineering


  • To provide in-depth knowledge in the multidisciplinary areas of mechanical, electrical and electronics, computer and automation, industrial robotics design for developing mull engineering professionals to play multicast roles and responsibilities.
  • To provide front-line science and technology education to attract and retain top students.
  • To create modern technology based industries in the country and to create immense job opportunities.
  • To establish and strengthen industrial collaboration and partnerships in areas of advanced technologies through research and development and training.

Labs Facilities

Well-equipped class rooms and state of the art labs and modern teaching aids

WUB Lab Pictures

Others Facilities

  • Remedial English Course till the students attain fluency.
  • Remedial Courses for Computer Science & Mathematics.
  • Student-friendly fee and payment system.
  • Day & Evening Classes, Friday-Saturday classes for professionals and service holders.
  • Hostel facilities for ladies & mofassil students.
  • Well equipped class rooms and state-of -the art Labs and Modern teaching aids.
  • Students’ membership with professional, social and cultural organizations.
  • Teaching with full time teachers supplemented by guest teachers from DU, BUET, JU, RU, DUET and other professional bodies.
  • Different performance based scholarship & stipend.