Student Review 

Department of Mechatronics Engineering, World University of Bangladesh. I was little bit afraid after the admission in 2017. But these feeling didn’t exist no longer.All credit goes to the teachers of this department.They realized us that we didn’t take any wrong decision in a short time.Their friendly attitude,guide line & love for the students impressed me very quickly. They always try to help us.Even we can discuss about our personal problem to them & they always try to giving the solution.Actually I have never been expect that, I can get those kind of teachers in University life. After the admission, my self-confidence increased. Besides the study, I have learned many things.Teachers are always share their real life experience to us.They always motivate & inspire us in our tasks and projects whatever it is.They are always trying to increase our skills which has been very important for our professional life.They always give their 100% in their academic lecture. They repeat & repeat until we can get properly.Their teaching skills & style is so much impressive. They never feel disturb to us. They give their personal time for every students.Every teachers have such a great heart. Actually we are learning regularly how to become a good human being,achieve a great mentality & sprite off unity & leadership from this Department.This department is our inspiration. I feel really lucky to be the part off this department. At the end, I want to say- Thanks a lot Department of Mechatronics Engineering for making us a good Engineers with a great Human being.

Md Iftakhar Parvege Livan

Department of Mechatronics Engineering