About Club

The teachers and students of the Department of Mechatronics Engineering of ‘World University of Bangladesh’ created the ‘Mechatronics club’ under the oath to promote the Mechatronics technology to build a connection and exceed the skills of the students in 2007. However, after a while it is reformed on 10 December 2016 by announcing the third executive committee of the club. we are thankful to our teachers as they inspired us to reform the club after a very long time.  

Club Activities

Activities are not here.


The club has the vision to spread their activities across the globe. We invite students to join the club and work to contribute to something new. We try to provide support in different projects and organizing competitions to inspire the thinking in Mechatronics way. Furthermore, the club works to endorse prospects for new comers to undertake industry experience and assist in making bond in between industry and Mechatronics students. The Club aims at making something that has a mind of its own like humans and can do various stuff that a human can do. In other words, to allow people to expand their knowledge, interest, and connection to engineering and science concepts and careers through a hands-on learning atmosphere.


Mechatronics Club is the common platform for all the Mechatronics engineering students in Bangladesh. We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let's treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required. . Another mission is to create a platform where new ideas will be welcomed and timeworn work will be adapted according to the demand of current time and need.


  • To involves the student community who derive pleasure in creating robots that may even be potent to work without human intervention.
  • To create with the purpose of developing interest in the field of robotics and Automation among the student community.
  • To provide workspace, tools, and guidance to interested students apart from taking up specific projects.
  • To provide an opportunity to participate in national or international level competitions.


  • Network Augmentation
  • Capacity Building
  • Publicity & Publication
  • Research & Innovation
  • Community Service
  • Knowledge Propagation


# Every committee of WUB MTE CLUB will be Valid for Six month from the day of starting.

# After the validity of every committee, there will be a convener committee consisting of five members nominated by BOD and Advisory Committee.

# The convener committee have to announce the next MTE CLUB committee within one month by the suggestion of advisory committee and Board of Director.

# The person who is the president of the present committee can’t be the president again in the following club committee.

# All the financial Document of MTE CLUB will contain the signature of

1. Head of the Department

2. Board of Directors (At least 1 person from the Board of Directors)

3. President of MTE CLUB (present)

4. Treasur MTE CLUB (present)

# Resigned or Terminated member can’t be the member of MTE CLUB again and can’t be the member of Board of Director.

# If the president feel any problem to run the organization he/she can organize a meeting with the “Board of Directors”. If the president wants to resign in case of any reason he/she has to send the “letter of resignation” to the “Board of Directors” and “Advisory Committee”. And the president will resign only after the approval from the two committee.

# Board of Directors will monitor the overall club activities and will give the suggestion to the president and to the club.

# Board of Directors will be responsible for giving the idea to the club to arrange the club events.

# Board of Directors will be responsible to maintain the constitutional sequence and to monitor the roles and regulation of the club regarding club constitution and will take action to keep the constitution safe.

# MTE CLUB President will be responsible for to organize any event and he/she will take the last decision regarding any club event.