Educational Assistance 

  • We provide counseling for every students in once a week. It will help students to share their educational and other problems with their corresponding mentor. Moreover, we provides extra care for weak students.
  • We have highly qualified and competent teachers who provide outcome-based high-quality teaching and research works. Many of them have previous experiences of working in different industries that help the teaching more practically.
  • We provide utilitarian education to match with the international level of education.
  • A range of applied courses and their practical implementation are taught at the Department of Mechatronics Engineering. The combination of these theoretical and practical knowledge guarantees a high level of professionalism in long term.
  • We frequently arrange industrial tours and trainings every year which serve as a huge opportunity to implement theoretical knowledge.
  • The Mechatronics Engineering graduates from World University of Bangladesh (WUB) get the opportunities to explore the vast field of Mechatronics, Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical professions worldwide. Also, they can attribute to the huge international market of Bangladesh.
  • Our department provides adequate research facilities to every student to pursue their higher education all over the world as their own aspiration.
  • Our department has strongly connected alumni association who are working in different universities, companies, industries and other job sectors. They help organizing seminars, workshops and industrial tours and trainings for the current students.
  • We have well-qualified professors from renowned public universities who give valuable advice to improve the administrative and educational performances of both teachers and students.